Matt has gone over and above to find the best insurance scenario for our company. He has answered countless questions and made me feel that he is looking out for our best.  
- Julie


 Matt is very thorough when it comes to explaining benefits and features, is keen on recommending products that you will actually use and love for many years...this is why I trust Matt to provide financial guidance for me and the companies that I run.  
- Carl


 Matt excelled in client relationships. Matt built client relationships and they trusted his advice and expertise.  
- Marla


 As a professional in the financial services industry, Matt has always displayed the highest degree of professionalism while constantly demonstrating a level of commitment and concern for his clients all too often lacking in today's turbulent financial times.  
- Scott


 Matt stays up to date on what's going on with the market. He makes an outstanding effort to stay connected with his clients and provides them with the best service possible. He has always taken the initiative to make the appropriate changes to my financial investments in order to improve profitability. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone to utilize his services and expertise  
- Beth


 Matt has been a great person to work with through his ability to communicate and share his knowledge. Matt has always been willing to help out and that is a quality I respect.  
- Michael


 Matt is extremely knowledgeable on the best way to position clients for both short and long term investment planning. Matt worked with many bank customers of mine on their retirement needs and goals. The solutions Matt provided them were always based on his sound listening to their needs. He has a wide variety of different product experiences and can easily see through an attempt to hide unsound products with a lot of the distracting "eye candy" vendors attempt to sell. Matt would be a great advisor for most any customer.  
- Bill